How much does the” Super contract ” cost and for whom?

As the results of the tests began to come out, questions from applicants about the additional contract (“super contract” in the people’s language) increased. Taking this into account, we will provide answers to some questions about the additional contract:

• How many points do you need to earn to study in the extra contract?

It does not matter. If entered into the test, it is enough. Even if he gets 1 points, he can read in an additional contract. Only the price varies depending on the score.

• When should those who want to read in an additional contract apply?

Applicants who have not entered into the study must apply for additional contract study within 1 month of the announcement of the results of the test.

• Where is the application?

Those who want to study under an additional contract will file an application to the rector of the University.

• Which of the five directions can be read?

Last year, it was allowed to study in a super contract in any of the 3 directions. In the current year, too, one of the five desired directions should be allowed to study.

• How much does the additional contract cost?

Additional payment-the amount of the contract is determined in the following amounts in relation to the amount of the established payment-contract in practice:

  • 1-category

Those who do not reach the entry line by 4 points pay a much cheaper contract. Including:

For applicants up to 1 point – 1,5 times;

For those who do not reach from 1.1 to 2 points – 2,0 times;

For those who do not reach from 2.1 points to 3 points – 2,5 times;

For those who do not reach 3.1 points from 4 points – 3,0 times.

For example, suppose the introductory ball is 140. The applicant, who scored 139 points, pays 1,5 times the contract. For example, if the original amount is 10 million soums, 15 million soums will be enough.

The applicant, who receives 138.9 points, pays 2 times, that is, 20 million soums. And h.the G.

  • 2-Type

Applicants who have paid more than 56,7 points, but not more than 4 points to the entry line, will pay more than 10 times the contract amount.

For example, if we take an example of the direction in which the same entry is 140 points, then more than 135,9 points, less than 56,7 points, will fall into the 2nd category.

Prices for Category 2 in the current year are still confirmed. Also, since the current year, the Super-contract prices are determined by the OTMs themselves.

  • 3-type

Those who score less than 56,7 points (for example, even if 1 points) can read by paying 2 times the amount of the super-contract in the 2nd category. For example, if an ordinary super contract is 15 times, then those who score less than 56,7 points can pay 30 times and read in the super-muper contract.

• Is the additional contract paid annually or once?

Once paid. 1-after the end of the academic year, in the following years, the el series will study by paying a simple contract.

• Is there an additional admission in the magistracy?

Yes, there is. Only in the magistracy do not pay an expensive contract, which is differentiated like a Bachelor, the more the cost of a simple contract, the more additional received Masters also pay.

• Does the Super-contract become-become-full?

Last year, it was also given the opportunity to pay the super contract in two or even months during the year. In the current year, too, should be given.

• Can I get an education loan for a Super contract?

No, the issuance of an educational loan for a super contract is not established by the current legislation. But banks can offer their loans at market prices.

‼️ Note: 10 or 20 times this is not the minimum monthly salary, compared to the contract price without scholarships in the same direction. That is, if the contract without a scholarship is 7 million soums, and if it is 10 times, then 70 million soums will be paid for the additional contract.

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