Ta’lim krediti haqida batafsil

Legal basis: resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 26.07.2001 № 318 “on granting educational loans for study on the basis of payment-contract in higher educational institutions

Loan amount: in the amount of a payment-contract agreement concluded between the student and the University

Duration: for The Bachelor’s stage – up to 10 years, for the master’s stage – up to 5 years.

Percentage: given in different percentages in two different categories:

a) to those who were brought up in “orphanages”and disabled in I and II groups since childhood – zero interest rate (interest-free loan);

b) to the remaining categories of students – an amount not higher than the applicable refinancing rate of the central bank (now 16%).

To whom it is issued: payment to OTMs-to themselves, their parents or guardians of students accepted on the basis of a contract.

Loan provision: as a loan provision, one or more of the following may be provided:

a) foreclosure of property or securities;

b) bank guarantee;

C) guarantee of the third party;

d) insurance policy on the insured at the risk that the insurance company will not be able to return the loan to the borrower;

d) the guarantor of the citizens ‘ self-governing bodies (only for orphans of the chin and those who were brought up in “orphanages”, disabled people of the I and II groups since childhood and those who came out of low-income families).

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