The online education system has created opportunities for new approaches

It is known that due to the coronavirus pandemic, a new method and a new approach for teaching students in our country’s higher education institutions have been established.

This process has been a great experience for almost all universities in the Republic. We tested the first marotaba distance learning program. And the result was not bad.

Frankly speaking, we had a lot of problems and shortcomings with online training. We did not lack the most basic factor – experience. But we have tried to make sure that our students have the opportunity to receive quality education remotely. We planted what we did not know.

To be honest, not only our students but also ourselves were not fully prepared for the online education system yet. As every business has one wisdom to say, the distance learning system introduced because of the pandemic has been a great experimental school for us to truly understand.

We live in an era where information and communication technologies are developing. After all, we have always had to establish an online education system. This has been a good experience for us, although we have set out this new method with the dictation of the situation. We also started the new school year officially online from 2 September.

But our previous mistakes and shortcomings have been lessons to us. Now we will try to eliminate them. Together with all our professors and teachers, we have thoroughly prepared for the new academic year. An updated version of the moodle system has been launched on the branch’s official website in order for the second and third stage students to qualitatively master the distance education.

Before the new academic year, online questionnaires were conducted among students. In it, each student’s wishes and suggestions on the previous shortcomings in this regard and how the distance education will be carried out in the branch in the new academic year have been studied.

Another aspect, I think, is that when providing distance education, we should not be limited only to electronic textbooks on the moodle system.

We aim to organize webinars on scientific topics for students through the online platform” Zoom“, if permissible, to conduct classes through the system” Skype”. From the first week of the new academic year, webinars were organized. Live communication has its own positive effect anyway.

In order to teach modern thinking, we need to go through such a modern method of approach.

In developed countries, the method of online education has already entered the tradition. The fact is that this form of education is convenient in all respects and requires little expense.

But there is also a second side to the issue. In the process of distance learning, students can only be limited to theoretical knowledge and break away from practical skills.

For example, practice in this direction plays an important role. Future veterinarians should, of course, strengthen their theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

It should be said that they did such work as the treatment of animals at home and the vaccination against seasonal diseases.

During the summer holidays, they took part in anti-epizootic activities in the regions where they lived, engaged in the study of vaccination and treatment of domestic animals. We are very pleased with this. After all, as Bernard said in the show, “the only way to pass on knowledge is an activity.”

This means that our students who are passionate about knowledge seek to be active in the learning process in any situation. This is the main goal of establishing an online education system in the conditions of a pandemic! Continuous provision of teaching processes.

Although our teachers may not be able to teach in the classrooms, the lecture rooms of the institute are still empty, the main activity of teaching students is continuing.

We have determined the right direction in teaching students based on the current situation.

Distance learning system-is a shakhdam step taken towards modern education. First of all, we need to adjust ourselves to a new way and a new approach, and then increase our own experience.


Samarkand Institute of Veterinary Medicine

Nukus branch director

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