The spiritual heritage of Oybek is an example of a lesson for young people!

In the complex of the alley of ADIBS of the capital there was held a commemorative event dedicated to the study of the creativity and activity of Moses Tashmuhammad Oglu Oybek.

The meeting was attended by the rector of the Institute Komilova Khalida Khafizovna, proras, professors, teachers, students, members of the Writers ‘ Union, as well as employees of the mass media.

Poems in the creativity of Oybek were performed by the student youth, the ways of life were remembered, his works were shown in the form of scenes and were brought to the attention of those who gathered. During the visit, the guests remembered Moses Tashmuhammad Oglu Oybek as a writer who was always with the people as a poet of Uzbek literature and expressed their thoughts on his works.

                  In the place of information: on may 20, 2020, during the visit of the alley of ADIBS restored in the Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan to the Tashkent Institute of textile and light industry, Shavkat Mirziyoyev appointed the task of studying and promoting the Uzbek works, which occupy a worthy place in the history of national literature, absorbing into the minds of On this task, the team of the Tashkent Institute of textile and light industry set the task of reading novels and stories, scientific-theoretical, political, publicistic works, translations, stories of wonderful poems, epics, as well as works that enriched the treasure of Uzbek literature and awaken even more affection to the creativity of Oybek in the student youth. This task was the impetus for the wide popularity of the” five important initiatives " among young people. The reason is that the fourth initiative in which the issue of broad promotion of reading, which is considered a bus, was raised and began to study the life and creativity of zabardast representatives of national literature more intensively. As a result, a lot of work was carried out by the team of the Institute. Currently, efforts are underway to organize the Oybek Museum.

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